Go Compose North America offers online composition workshops and musical development opportunities to participants of all abilities. Our mission is to make music creation accessible to anyone.

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About Go Compose North America

Go Compose North America cultivates creativity among young people right at the beginning of their journey of musical discovery. We introduce our participants to fun, new music, and we encourage them to experiment with established and innovative ways to express their own unique voices. Our programs nurture a new generation of diverse musical creators.

We offer music education programs and musical development opportunities to participants of all abilities, and our offerings are always expanding! Our mission is to make music creation accessible to anyone.

Go Compose North America was first created to provide innovative online musical experiences to school-aged children during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and resultant school closures. Our intensive workshops, led by professional composers and performers, engage young people from all over the world. ​

Our audience is growing, but our focus remains a safe and secure online environment for participants in both workshop and performance settings. Our primary concern is our students’ safety within a nurturing environment.

For more information or to book a session with us, email info@gocomposenorthamerica.com.

Compositions written during our workshops

Elsie's Graphic Score presented by Winston the dog

Elsie is an 11-year-old composer. Her graphic score was composed by taking a line for a walk!
Here is the premiere performed by Mark Berger, violist and composition tutor. 

Alma's Composition for Percussive Piano

Alma, a 15-year-old composer from Chicago, participated in the online "Where the Wild Sounds Are" workshop in 2020, collaborating with composer Mark Berger and pianist Katherine Dowling. This composition explores extended piano techniques and new sounds, including the intriguing possibilities of playing the interior of a piano using percussion mallets.

Luke's Composition for Voice and Piano

Luke is a 12-year-old composer from Maryland. He, along with four other composers, was invited to participate in Go Compose AGAIN! in March 2021. Each composer wrote a song for soprano Lucy Fitz Gibbon and pianist/composer Ryan MacEvoy McCullough in only a few hours!

Visit our YouTube channel to hear more compositions by our talented community of composers.



Go Compose North America Participant

Calvert School Students

Go Compose North America in the Classroom with students at Calvert School

New Music Gathering - 2021

In August 2021 we had the pleasure of sharing some of the music created during our workshops with composers, educators, and new music enthusiasts from around the US at the annual New Music Gathering. 
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