Go Compose North America offers online composition workshops and musical development opportunities to participants of all abilities. Our mission is to make music creation accessible to anyone.

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(Alexis Tantau)

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in the Classroom - partnerships with schools

Go Compose North America has partnered with Calvert School in Baltimore, MD, for three consecutive years, offering composition workshops to middle school students aged 10-12 during their “mini week” enrichment program. The first two years (2021 and 2022) of workshops were conducted online, adapting to the need for remote learning. In 2023, we held our first in-person workshop at Calvert School, marking a significant step forward in direct engagement and hands-on learning.

Looking ahead, we are pleased to extend the option of both online and in person workshops to schools nationwide, aiming to make composition education accessible to a broader audience of young students.

For more information or to book a session with us, email info@gocomposenorthamerica.com.

Calvert School


Partnership with Calvert School

Over three consecutive years, Go Compose North America partnered with Calvert School in Baltimore, MD, to deliver composition workshops during the school's "mini week" enrichment program. These workshops transitioned from online formats in the first two years to an in-person session in the third year, providing students with new ideas about what a composer is and does and allowing them to work with professional musicians to create and hear their own compositions in a matter of hours.

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