Go Compose North America offers online composition workshops and musical development opportunities to participants of all abilities. Our mission is to make music creation accessible to anyone.

Go Composium Summer 2024
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Unlock your creative potential - join us this summer!

This summer unlock your musical potential at Go Compose North America’s Go Composium Summer 2024. Our extensive array of online workshops offers something for everyone —regardless of age or expertise. From dynamic sessions for kids beginning their exploration of music creation to adults taking their first steps in composition, educators seeking innovative teaching methods, and emerging professionals or aspiring composition majors looking for professional advice, each workshop is designed to foster both individual growth and community. Experience the unique joy of hearing your music performed live as you compose, engage with top professional performing musicians and composers, and become part of a community dedicated to musical creation. All our Go Composium Summer 2024 workshops are FREE! Register now!

Discovery Edition

For participants ages 11-18

June 17-18, 2024
10am-3pm EDT each day
2:30pm concert on June 18

Designed for aspiring composers aged 11-18, this virtual workshop welcomes all experience levels, even those who have never read music before. Engage in hands-on activities to create original compositions and collaborate with peers. As you craft your music, professional musicians will perform it live via our online platform, providing instant feedback and bringing your ideas to life in real time. Explore music creation and express your artistic voice in a supportive digital environment.

Into the Wild - Kids Edition

For participants ages 7-10

July 9-10, 2024
10am-Noon EDT each day
2:30pm concert on July 10

Dive into the joys of music composition with our online Kids Edition, tailored for children aged 7-10. This engaging virtual workshop is a wonderful introduction to the magic of music composition. No prior musical training or ability to read music is required! Participants will learn about musical elements, compose their own tunes, and hear their creations performed by professional musicians — all through our interactive online session.

Into the Wild - Grown-Ups Edition

For adult beginners

July 9-10, 2024
10am-3pm EDT each day
2:30pm concert on July 10

Have you always wanted to try composing but don’t know where to start? Maybe you have ideas but have never worked with a composition teacher?

Explore the world of music composition from the comfort of your home with our online Grown-Ups Edition. Designed for amateur or first-time composers, this virtual setting provides a supportive space to discover and create music. Share your ideas, connect with other music enthusiasts, and enjoy hearing your compositions performed live by professional musicians, all online.

Academy Edition

For participants ages 14-22

July 26-28, 2024
10am-3pm EDT each day
2pm concert on July 28

Participate in our online Academy Edition, where deeper learning meets community spirit in an intensive workshop weekend. This edition is perfect for individuals of all skill levels interested in exploring advanced musical concepts. Engage in in-depth discussions, hands-on projects, and collaborative sessions, all while professional musicians provide live feedback and try out your music in real-time.

Educators Empowerment Edition

For music educators (classroom and studio teachers)

August 13, 2024
10am-1pm EDT

Join our online Educators’ Empowerment Edition, a professional development workshop specifically crafted for teachers who wish to integrate innovative composition techniques, and music in general, into their classrooms. This virtual workshop allows educators to discover new methods, develop more engaging curricula, and inspire their students to compose and enjoy music. Listen to music that will inspire your students, experience live demonstrations by professional musicians, and discuss ways to bring music creation into an educational setting in innovative ways.

Momentum Edition

For emerging professionals or potential composition majors ages 16-25

August 21-22, 2024
10am-3pm EDT each day

The Momentum Edition is a specialized online workshop designed for young emerging professionals aged 16-25. It focuses on career development in the music industry, offering strategic insights and networking opportunities in a supportive online environment. Participants will engage in activities that enhance their portfolios, perfect their resumes, and prepare comprehensive repertoire lists. Prior to the workshop, participants will be encouraged to compose a short work that will be read by professional musicians at the workshop, providing real-time feedback and a practical learning experience that is vital for any emerging artist. (Information about the composition to be created will be provided upon acceptance into the workshop.)

Momentum Edition

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